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Jonah 2.0


Can it be?! Our little man is already two months old and that just seems incredible (for numerous reasons – most of which being he’s alive, undamaged and well). We’ve learned a lot in the past two months and we’ve already made a mistake or two eight. We’ve been deprived of quality sleep, peed on, […]

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Technology: Love it or hate it?


So, technology. Bum bum BUMMM! Depending on your circles, it can be foreign, second nature or somewhere in the middle. Technology has the power to be confusing or enlightening, burdensome or freeing, life taking or, quite literally, life giving… all depending on your perspective. For me, I find myself in somewhat of a unique camp. […]

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Where I’ve Been…


In case you’ve been suffering from blog withdrawals (believe me, I have), fear no more! We’re rockin’ and rollin’ once again. That said, a lot of life has happened in the last several weeks! Most notably, you know, this guy: Meet Jonah. Destroyer of sleep. Melter of hearts.

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Dos and Don’ts


Over the past several months, I’ve come to understand that people like to give advice to expectant parents… lots of advice. Feeding, diapering, naming, disciplining, how to approach labor and delivery, toys, clothing, books to read, books not to read, – the list goes on. On one hand, the sheer amount of opinions flying around […]

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New Life…


I’ve always thought my life seems to lack many dull moments (which is mostly a good thing)… and as you may have seen here, that trend doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon. I’ve wanted to write numerous posts about our preggo adventures over the months but always hesitated when I sat down […]

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