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Seattle (vol. 2)


Now onto the reason for taking this trip in the first place! If you haven’t gotten a chance to read about what brought us to Seattle, feel free to check out the previous post… though ultimately it was to celebrate the two characters above. Introducing Amber and Tuan! It was so much fun getting to...

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Seattle (vol. 1)


Can I just say that I love Seattle? There, I said it.If you follow me on Twitter, you might have picked up on my fondness for Seattle after my multiple posts of the summer forecast there. That place has everything! Culture, art, music, food, entertainment, waterfront, shopping, just about any outdoor activity you can think...

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L.A. (vol. 2)


Last weekend, Courtney and I had an opportunity to take a quick vacation during the Labor Day holiday. It was great for both of us to press pause on our lives in GA for a few days while we visited my sister in Los Angeles – and what put our trip over the top was...

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L.A. (vol. 1)


Some photos were just meant to be viewed LARGE. Stay tuned…

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