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Did You Know?

How does this video affect you? Does it at all? What approaches to learning, business or even personal lifestyles might need rethinking?

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Martin + Katie (vol. 3)


So apparently I now have a knack for shooting headshots. A couple of friends of mine recently asked if I would do them a favor and shoot some for comp cards they’re working on. Since I’ve never really tried my hand at that arena of photography, I accepted the challenge. (actually, it came pretty naturally...

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Courtney + Seun // Houston Engagement


Hello, world! Feelin’ good being back on the blog train.I’ve been traveling back and forth between TX and GA quite a bit this summer and still have a lot of blogging to catch up on. So here goes. One of the last times around, my sister was able to make the trek from Los Angeles...

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Lake Martin Mug Shots


I’M ALIVE!! In case you’ve been wondering, there has not been a trendy, new wave of once-a-month blogging. It just so happens that by nature, I’m a terrible blogger. Add in a mix of over-the-top summer business, and in three or four weeks you’ve got yourself one neglected blog. But have no fear! I’m still...

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Kim + Mitch // Athens Wedding


Wow! Has it already been 2 weeks since my TX extravaganza?? With this summer in overdrive, it’s been pretty easy to let the blog slip away from me. But have no fear! We’re righting its course and we’ll be back on track in… well, hopefully today! So meet Kim and Mitch.Can I just say that...

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