Monthly Archives: September 2010

Little Gems


Every year* I take a bit of time to reflect on what has unfolded over the last 12 months. This helps me focus past the sometimes overwhelming daily noise of being a photographer so that I can regroup, learn and plan my next steps. It also gives me the opportunity to update the ol’ portfolio....

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L.A. (vol. 2)


Last weekend, Courtney and I had an opportunity to take a quick vacation during the Labor Day holiday. It was great for both of us to press pause on our lives in GA for a few days while we visited my sister in Los Angeles – and what put our trip over the top was...

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L.A. (vol. 1)


Some photos were just meant to be viewed LARGE. Stay tuned…

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Senior Photography 2011


What’s that? Did someone say senior photos?? Well, yes. While portraiture isn’t a primary focus of mine (since I specialize in weddings)… I just couldn’t turn down this opportunity! If you didn’t already know, I’ve been involved in a ministry called Young Life for about as long as I can remember. That involvement has led...

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