Technology: Love it or hate it?

So, technology. Bum bum BUMMM! Depending on your circles, it can be foreign, second nature or somewhere in the middle. Technology has the power to be confusing or enlightening, burdensome or freeing, life taking or, quite literally, life giving… all depending on your perspective. For me, I find myself in somewhat of a unique camp. It’s not foreign or second nature – rather, somewhere in the middle. I’m not of my parents’ generation who, at times, struggles with internet searches and scanning documents. However, I’m not of our most recent generation who knows nothing other than cloud computing, retina displays and the like.

I grew up with a constant wave of evolving technologies. My first computer experience was with IBM’s original PC. Green screens and DOS. We had a single rotary phone in the house. The family TV had an actual dial, giving meaning to phrases like, “Don’t turn that dial! We’ll be right back after these messages.” Then cordless phones, pagers, dial-up… the list goes on and on!

On one hand, technology enables us to dream bigger and do more. It actually frees our imagination to rethink what’s possible and what’s not. Quite often, it’s our dreams that shape our (future) reality. Sure, we miss the mark every now and then… but it sure is fun to imagine in the meantime!

That said, technology certainly has a negative side. In a world of conveniences, we open ourselves to the potential of relying too heavily on them. Quite frankly, we can get lazy. We’re quick to check a status on Twitter or Facebook, but slow to pick up the phone or make a trip. Heck, some of you readers keep up with me primarily through this blog instead of actually chatting with me! Authentic relationships and meaningful connections can suffer. We’re all guilty of it. Technology brings the world to our fingertips… but the world isn’t always light. There’s real darkness out there, too.

However, I’m (personally) a fan of it. With intentionality, you can avoid the pitfalls and really take away fruitful experiences from technology. We can leverage technology to maintain and even grow relationships that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. How else could you share the tears and joy of childbirth with family members four states away? Or allow my sister some face-to-face time with her nephew when she lives on the opposite side of the country? If you think about it, it’s pretty stinkin’ incredible what you can do nowadays.:)

What about you? Do you love it or hate it?

by Nam


Phuong Nguyen - I can’t decide. I love it because I get to see my nephews anytime I want — if they’re awake. But I can’t believe this photo made it to the blog! I just woke up that morning. =)June 21, 2012 – 3:43 pm

Nam - I love this photo! And I would never have guessed you just woke up… you just outted yourself! :)June 22, 2012 – 7:53 am

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