Mary Flynn + Matt // Atlanta Engagement

I love traveling to shoot. Period. There’s something fun and adventurous about getting to see a place I’ve never been to and document a story that took place there. But in those cases, I typically don’t get to meet my clients until the day of our shoot. Sure, we chat on the phone and send numerous emails back and forth… but that still doesn’t quite make up for a good face-to-face meeting. Consequently, at times I get a little nervous (just being honest here) before the first time we shoot.

“Hi, I’m Nam. Nice to meet you! (extends hand for shaking) Now if you could just go ahead and stand over there and have the time of your lives while I take your picture… just pretend I’m not here. K, thanks.” That’s a lot to ask for some people!

However, this went nothing like that. Mary Flynn and Matt were so warm, laid back and easy to shoot! (I suppose it doesn’t hurt that they were both previously involved with Young Life as well.):)They actually met in CA, now live in NY and are getting married in NC. How fun is that?? I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in a few months!

I LOVE this next series…

by Nam

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